Artist Statement
Nostalgia lies, and sometimes people do too. Being an only child, there is a particular dynamic I feel must fulfill- that of the caretaker, the legacy, the “good son.” As I grow older, I am constantly reassessing my place within a shrinking family unit, and with the recent loss of my father, mourning permeates both the mundane and the sacred. My work is a reflection on the experiences of returning home, and recognizing my past less and less; memories, objects, and even the people I love are no longer the way I remember them. Figures are often overburdened by an accumulation of marks, signifying the act of remembrance. Gestures of appreciation and the warmth of the home are often recontextualized with objects of labor serving as a reminder of how the act of homecoming is often charged with obligations and duties as well as being a time of happiness. The work is about finding my own place as an individual removed from my internalized identity as an only child, and trying to find hope in being my own man.

Ian J. Welch is an artist living and working in his hometown of Toledo, OH. Welch received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University with a focus in Printmaking in 2016, his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 2011, as well as receiving his Associate of Arts degree from Owens Community College in 2008.

Welch has had work featured in multiple exhibitions throughout the US including The International Print Center of New York, Print Austin and the Ann Arbor Art Center, along with curating multiple exhibitions throughout Northwest Ohio. 

Welch is currently an adjunct instructor at Bowling Green State University and Owens Community College, as well as the Gallery Manager/Curator at Gathered Glassblowing Studio. Additionally, Welch is the owner of Pegboard Press, a printmaking workshop and studio space in Toledo, OH dedicated to education, workshops and public engagement with various print media, along with being a recipient of May 2017 and June 2019 Accelerator Grants from The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo.